We’ve got a long history.  Here’s the short version.

The Pennsylvania Association of Milk, Food and Environmental Sanitarians is an affiliate of the International Association for Food Protection, whose mission is to advance food safety worldwide. PAMFES and its predecessor organizations had its historic beginnings in 1939.

In the early days, there were two groups of professionals; dairy laboratory personnel and dairy sanitarians. The dairy laboratory association was Pennsylvania Approved Dairy Laboratory Directors Association. The dairy sanitarians association was Pennsylvania Dairy Sanitarians Association. Each association had its respective Constitution and By-Laws. Historically, the two groups convened individually and later began joint meetings. In August 1978 a joint meeting of the two groups met in Harrisburg and made the decision to conduct joint conferences. In 1979 the merged association was named Pennsylvania Association of Dairy Sanitarians and Dairy Laboratory Analysts. In 1993 the association chose to revise its name to better reflect its expanding mission and direction, now known as Pennsylvania Association of Milk, Food and Environmental Sanitarians. A new edition of the Constitution and By-Laws followed this change.

Ivan Parkin served a three year term as president during the early years. The annual opening program lecture of the International Association for Food Protection Annual Meeting is named in his honor and has continued since 1986.

The Association was very instrumental in supporting the dairy industry in Pennsylvania. At a December 1978 meeting in Harrisburg, the standards and regulations for manufacturing grade milk was being formed and debated. These discussions led eventually to the Manufacturing Grade Milk Standards with the Department of Agriculture. In 1998 a Liaison Committee of PAMFES was formed to address the uniformity and interpretive process of existing or new rules and regulations in the dairy industry, specifically with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

PAMFES has been presenting awards for exceptional professional conduct and dedication to the Association. The annual Sanitarians Award was first presented in 1956; the Dairy Laboratory Award in 1987 and the Distinguished Service Award in 1979. PAMFES had received the prestigious Shogren Award from the International Association for Food Protection in 1980 and 1985.

Scholarships have been very important to PAMFES. For most of its history, there were three scholarships awarded annually. The Walter S. Anderson Memorial Scholarship dates from 1945; the Edwin Wagner Memorial Scholarship from 1993 and the Patrick Campbell Memorial Scholarship (formerly Sanitarians Scholarship) from mid 1950’s. Dr Lamartine F. Hood, former Dean, Pennsylvania State University, College of Agriculture, received the Walter Anderson Scholarship in his early student days at Penn State University.

In July 1995, PAMFES hosted the International Association for Food Protection in Pittsburgh. This was an opportunity to showcase the dairy and food industry of Pennsylvania.

In this new century, PAMFES will continue to foster its mission, “To provide dairy, food, and environmental industry representatives and regulatory and educational professionals with a forum to fairly exchange information that ensures the production of safe, high quality foods”.